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Top Grade 'A' Instructor
(New National Standards Test)
Phil has lived in Deeside for over 30 years. His motoring experience can be traced back over 35 years. Phil has driven extensively throughout the U.K, and Europe with his work prior to becoming a Driving Instructor and Instructor Trainer.
Phil also spends time ‘OFF ROADING' * with his modified
Land Rover Discovery. Coupled with this, Phil's motoring past also includes many years in motor sport from Navigator to service crew and more latterly as a motor sport Press reporter/photographer.
Phil's philosophy is to make the road a safer place for everyone whilst retaining that feeling of complete independence you get from the first time you drive on your own after passing your test.
Phil says: “ I remember the day I passed my Driving Test. My Father loaned me his car and told me to take it out for a drive. The feeling I got that day has never left me and sometimes, even now, I still get a buzz from driving, whether it be a brand new car or a truck.”
Phil DL 


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 As you will see (above) Phil Redman A.D.I. is also a member of the DIA (Driving Instructors Association). This provides members with useful and helpful advice to continually offer the best in Driver Training to all Clients. It also provides Public Liability and Professional Indemnity Insurance.